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Voice and Market Share

Market Share and Voice for your business.

Market Share and Voice for your business.

Coca-Cola has been in existence in one form or another since 1886.  So, why does Coca-Cola still purchase advertising?  The brand is so established that many people order a “Coke” when they just want a soft drink.  The name is synonymous with a “soft drink” or “pop” or “soda” (the terms vary greatly depending on where you, or the people that raised you, are from within the U.S.).

Coca-Cola bottle from 1899

Coca-Cola bottle from 1899.

Coca-Cola still advertises and markets themselves aggressively because the executives and the marketing team behind Coca-Cola understand that they have to keep this behemoth of a brand top-of-mind for their current consumers and consumers to be (the kids).  If Coca-Cola were to go silent for just a matter of a year or so, meaning that they did not purchase billboards, radio, TV ads, web ads, social media campaigns, product placement deals, sponsorship and so on – they know that they would certainly lose market share to their competitors.

Coca-Cola’s marketing plan for the summer is quite genius.  How many social media posts have you seen from friends who found their name on a Coke product?  Even massive companies have to look for new ways to reach consumers in our digital era.

When a company fails to advertise or market their business or goods in any fashion – they lose voice and therefore market share.  More importantly, new businesses that simply fail to establish themselves in the market and create a voice have a significant risk of failure within the first year.  Imagine you are standing in a 20 x 20 room with 50 business owners and in this room everyone is talking about their own company and products.  Suddenly the talking stops, with an exception of one business owner.  That one single business owner now has the sole voice.  The 49 business owners in the room that went silent lost voice in the market place and in a selling environment they would lose market share.  Advertising and marketing both work the very same way, just on a much larger local, national or even global scale.

Obviously, not every company has the marketing dollars to spend like Coca-Cola. However, budget issues, in no way, should ever keep a small or medium sized business from attempting to gain market share.  Ensuring that your business has a voice with potential consumers is a crucial step in gaining market share and therefore growing your business.  Social media posts, web advertising and other relatively inexpensive (and sometimes free) advertising tools can help smaller businesses stay top-of-mind with their current consumers while introducing their goods and services to new consumers.  When the need or want arises for your goods or services you want consumers to think of your brand and your business.  You simply must be the one voice in the room that keeps talking.

Sugarfree Media Group can help new and existing businesses establish voice and gain market share.  Our marketing nerds are experts in social media, blogs and web advertising.  Our creative nerds (Sugarfree Branding – a whole department of creative nerds) can help you with a new logo, new website and even create mobile apps for your organization.  We have all kinds of nerds over here.  In fact, we are 100% powered by nerds (seriously, our Creative Director rocks Star Wars shoes from time to time).

Get a nerd of your own.  Contact us and we will help you.

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