Reaching the Right Demographic for your Business Part I

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July 2, 2015
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July 13, 2015
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Reaching the Right Demographic for your Business Part I

Reaching Your Ideal Customers – “Well Played vs. Spray and Pray”

Every week we meet with business owners from all types of industries. Our first question during what we call the “C.N.A.” (Client Needs Analysis) is, “Who do you want in your business?” This seems to stump business owners and the usual answer is “Someone with money”. OK, Captain Obvious, that is ideal, but in order to get the right potential customers, you must first have an ideal customer. We often ask our clients to describe their ideal customer. Please paint us your mental picture of who you are trying to reach. This is when the client has that “A-ha” moment. This is when things start to pivot in the right direction.


Now, that you’ve had your a-ha moment. How do we get your business in front of these ideal customers?

Well Played

Social media and smart phones have absolutely changed the game in the realm of marketing and advertising. Look at the person next to you the next time you’re at a traffic light. What are they doing? They’re likely oblivious to the world around them as they scroll through social media posts. Have you noticed that the green light now means “honk at the person in front of you” because they’re simply not paying attention? They’re looking at their phone!

Social media marketing isn’t new, but the way we use it has evolved. It’s not just a “thing” it’s a worldwide past time. Reaching your potential clientele can be done with a targeted message through social media platforms and a mobile ready website. Not only can you reach thousands of people, but you can do it by age, geographical location and even by interest. Now we are targeting! You can now control and monitor the response you are getting. This is real data with graphs and charts that show you who you reached. You can reach your ideal customer by crafting a powerful message, targeting the ideal demo and making it uniform across all of your marketing platforms.

All of your marketing efforts should be unison across all of the ways you reach your potential customers. Like a choir singing a beautiful song about your business.



  • Have a mobile ready website – over 88% of all website searches are now done on a mobile device.
    • Your website needs to have updated content wherever it is viewed.
    • If your website is not mobile ready – it’s not that expensive to have one professionally built. The ROI on this investment is worth its weight in gold.
  • Have an active Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter account for your business.
    • You should engage your potential customers daily.
    • Post specials, discounts, loyalty programs, new products and other exciting things across all platforms.
    • Your posts across multiple platforms should all reflect the same message – this is a campaign.
    • Note that you don’t have to always push your business, sometimes it’s nice to just post an article that pertains to your business or industry or something that your followers will share.
  • Ask your employees and friends to “share” your social media posts on their personal pages expanding your reach and network.
  • Hire the right person or agency to make sure you are getting all that you can out of social media.

Spray and Pray

We, at Sugarfree Media Group, refer to anything that is not a comprehensive targeted marketing approach, as “Spray and Pray”. For example, an Uzi is a compact machine gun and it is often considered an inaccurate where the shooter is spraying bullets and hoping to hit the intended target. That may work in a close range gun fight, but that’s not a solid approach to marketing the business you’ve worked hard to build. Putting your marketing dollars into a campaign where you’re not targeting anyone specifically and just hoping you reach a pool of potential clients is simply antiquated and nearly ignorant. Your ROI is severely hindered in a Spray and Pray campaign. Even inexpensive Spray and Pray campaigns can add up and depending on the marketing modality you are using with these types of campaigns, it can have an adverse effect on your brand. Inexpensive mass marketing campaigns are often carried out in the cheesiest of ways, which reflects poorly on your business and brand.


It may be time to rethink your approach to marketing. In short, every dollar you invest into your business through marketing needs to have a specific goal. Spending money without a goal or target – is just a bad investment. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity. Adjust, adapt and overcome you marketing objectives to reflect the ever changing world we live in.

Avoid “Spray & Pray” marketing by asking yourself these questions:

  • Will this reach a large population of my ideal customers?
  • Will this reach a large population of customers who are not within my ideal customer demo?
  • What are my own expectations of this campaign? Are my expectations realistic?
  • Is it the right look for my business? Is it cheesy?



Sugarfree Media Group has a plethora of marketing nerds. We can help you with social media campaigns, website development, marketing, and advertising and just about anything else you may need in the digital era. We’re happy to help, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses just like yours – it’s why we put on our tube socks every morning.

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