Maintaining Engagement on Social Media this Super Bowl Sunday

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Maintaining Engagement on Social Media this Super Bowl Sunday

maintaining engagement with fans this super bowl sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner. Come kickoff, how will your brand maintain engagement with its fans and followers? Not every brand can afford those famous, over-the-top Super Bowl Commercials or one of those banners that are strategically hung around the arena, especially not today’s small businesses. Here are a few ways your brand can keep up with the big leagues and maintain engagement with your fan base during the Super Bowl.


Take advantage of Twitter and the soon-to-be trending conversation surrounding the Super Bowl and start a Twitter chat about the main event and one of its many facets. Keep one of your followers’ eyes focused on your Twitter feed and utilize the second screen experience this Super Bowl 50. Enhance Twitter chatter via trending hashtags, or better yet, start a hashtag of your own that is a play on the hashtag of the day. Branded hashtags are a great way to draw attention to your brand while sending a consistent branded message across channels. Social media will be a power play when it comes to maintaining engagement with your fans this Super Bowl Sunday.


Another way to maintain engagement with your brand’s football fans is to take regular polls throughout the game. You can interact with your followers on Twitter via a Twitter poll. Create a poll on Facebook using the options on your page or an external option such as Survey Monkey or Doodle.


 Is your company celebrating the Super Bowl together? As it is with any event where a lot of people gather, a Livewall is a great idea. Livewall is an engagement tool that allows the user to gather an event’s real-time social media activity and display it in one place. The content appears on screens, computers iPads, laptops, etc. at the event itself, whatever is deemed a “live wall.” The familiar, unassuming format makes attendees more likely to engage with the content and as a brand you will have a totally unified brand conversation linked via hashtags. Livewall is a great way to maintain engagement during an event like the Super Bowl. Not only can attendees see their hashtags and images at work, but they can respond and comment on other people’s opinions, like who is going to win and what they thought of the last play.

When everyone is cheering on the Panthers and the Broncos this Super Bowl 50, you want your name to be somewhere in the mix. Make sure you maintain engagement with your followers by creating a conversation. Brand yourself as something that matters during this important, high-traffic day.

What will your brand be doing this Super Bowl Sunday? Let us know in the comments below!


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