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July 21, 2015
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January 11, 2016
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The brand message is sometimes referred to as the tag line or slogan for a company or organization.  It’s a very short sentence or a few words that describe what a company is or does.  Think of it as a micro “elevator pitch” that is associated with a brand.  This is often the phrase that helps consumers remember a company beyond just the name of it.

Way to stick with it, guys.

I’d like to list the brand messages of local businesses within Central Florida that I remember (from actual memory – no researching) since I moved here 17 years ago.

  • Morgan & Morgan“For the People”
  • OUC“The Reliable One”
  • Appliance Direct“If you didn’t buy Direct, you paid too much”
  • Fun Spot“It’s Huge”
  • KIA Dealership (don’t remember which one)“We wanna see ya in a KIA”

Appliance Direct TV commercials feature a gentleman that walks his showroom floor aggressively “loving appliances”.  The commercials are so terrible that they’ve gone viral.  Their radio commercials were just the audio from their TV commercials crudely spliced together.  They may be awful, but THEY WORKED!  When I needed a new refrigerator, I didn’t want to pay too much for one.  I went to Appliance Direct and I’ve since actually bought several appliances there.  They have great pricing (just terrible commercials).  Their commercials influenced my purchasing decision with their brand message.

This guy loves appliances!

This guy loves appliances!

John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan is brilliant with his firm’s brand message, “For the People”.  His brand message works because it is quite literally everywhere:  TV, radio, billboards, social media, websites, Lynx buses, bus stops, event marketing, etc.  His message is consistent, frequent and everywhere – all are 3 crucial parts of a strong brand message and marketing in general.

Changing a company’s brand message on a regular basis doesn’t give the message time to gain much traction within the market, therefore making it less memorable.  Pick a strong and memorable brand message and stick with it for as long as it rings true.  A brand message should be at the end of every recorded audio or video commercial driving that message home with each facet of your media mix.  The text of that brand message should be included in everything that is visual (web banners, social media posts, blogs, magnets, business cards, posters, stickers, pens, etc).  Furthermore, your brand message should be worked into your company’s logo when possible.  Anytime your logo is present – the brand message is there reinforcing that fact about your brand.

A few things to consider when contemplating a brand message:

1) Consistency – Is the message strong and can it be consistent for many years?

2) Frequency – How often are you getting your consistent message in front of your potential clientele?

3) Modalities – Which forms of advertising are you going to use to get your strong and consistent message in front of your potential clientele with frequency?

Sugarfree Media Group can help create your brand, brand message and, perhaps most importantly, we will get that message in front of the right demographic with frequency.  Contact one of our nerds today!  We love helping businesses grow.  Powered by Nerds! (That’s our informal brand message, see what I did there).

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